FreeImagePlus - FreeImage 3.17.0
fipMemoryIO Member List
This is the complete list of members for fipMemoryIO, including all inherited members.
_hmemfipMemoryIO [protected]
acquire(BYTE **data, DWORD *size_in_bytes)fipMemoryIO
fipMemoryIO(BYTE *data=NULL, DWORD size_in_bytes=0)fipMemoryIO
getFileType() const fipMemoryIO
isValid() const fipMemoryIO [virtual]
load(FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT fif, int flags=0) const fipMemoryIO
loadMultiPage(FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT fif, int flags=0) const fipMemoryIO
operator FIMEMORY *()fipMemoryIO [inline]
read(void *buffer, unsigned size, unsigned count) const fipMemoryIO
save(FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT fif, FIBITMAP *dib, int flags=0)fipMemoryIO
saveMultiPage(FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT fif, FIMULTIBITMAP *bitmap, int flags=0)fipMemoryIO
seek(long offset, int origin)fipMemoryIO
tell() const fipMemoryIO
write(const void *buffer, unsigned size, unsigned count)fipMemoryIO
~fipMemoryIO()fipMemoryIO [virtual]
~fipObject()fipObject [inline, virtual]