FreeImagePlus - FreeImage 3.17.0
fipTag Member List
This is the complete list of members for fipTag, including all inherited members.
_tagfipTag [protected]
fipTag(const fipTag &tag)fipTag
getCount() const fipTag
getDescription() const fipTag
getID() const fipTag
getKey() const fipTag
getLength() const fipTag
getType() const fipTag
getValue() const fipTag
isValid() const fipTag [virtual]
operator FITAG *()fipTag [inline]
operator=(const fipTag &tag)fipTag
operator=(FITAG *tag)fipTag
setCount(DWORD count)fipTag
setDescription(const char *description)fipTag
setID(WORD id)fipTag
setKey(const char *key)fipTag
setKeyValue(const char *key, const char *value)fipTag
setLength(DWORD length)fipTag
setType(FREE_IMAGE_MDTYPE type)fipTag
setValue(const void *value)fipTag
toString(FREE_IMAGE_MDMODEL model, char *Make=NULL) const fipTag
~fipObject()fipObject [inline, virtual]
~fipTag()fipTag [virtual]