Gets or sets a tag for Exif users to write keywords or comments on the image besides those in ImageDescription, and without the character code limitations of the ImageDescription tag. Minimum length of 8. See remarks for further information.

Namespace:  FreeImageAPI.Metadata
Assembly:  FreeImageNET (in FreeImageNET.dll)


public byte[] UserComment { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property UserComment As Byte()
Visual C++
property array<unsigned char>^ UserComment {
	array<unsigned char>^ get ();
	void set (array<unsigned char>^ value);


The character code used in the UserComment tag is identified based on an ID code in a fixed 8-byte area at the start of the tag data area. The unused portion of the area is padded with NULL. The ID code for the UserComment area may be a Defined code such as JIS or ASCII, or may be Undefined.

Handling of null values

A null value indicates, that the corresponding metadata tag is not present in the metadata model. Setting this property's value to a non-null reference creates the metadata tag if necessary. Setting this property's value to a null reference deletes the metadata tag from the metadata model.

Version Information


Supported in: 3.12.0, 3.13.0, 3.13.1

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